Cedar Hill Games is a two person production company started by Tobyn Manthorpe early in 2010. We are one of the few games-related companies located in beautiful Victoria, Canada, but we are still very close to the game production hub of Vancouver.

We are available for all sorts of electronic production:

  • iPhone and iPad gaming, our specialization
  • iPhone and iPad app building for business or marketing
  • Webpages
  • Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Design and corporate identity

The combination of an artist and programmer who work well together is a valuable entity... how can you best use our skills?

Cedar Hill Games takes pride in our work and we strive to be as efficient and constructive as possible. We believe in these fundamentals of production:

a) The power of fast iteration and investment in pre-production.

Depending on the complexity of the project, a certain amount of work needs to be done to make sure that content can be produced with speed and in good quality. Our current level of tools already accounts for this concern but future improvements will only make things better.

b) The necessity of the 'vertical slice'.

It is very important to get a prototype up and running as soon as possible. It becomes the most effective communication tool for the entire team and the client. A vertical slice means that all aspects of production (all the layers in a slice of cake) have been considered and built in some form or another which will eliminate unknowns.

c) The importance of milestones and sign-off.

In order to keep everyone happy, the client needs to know that production is under control and as close to the milestone list as possible, while we as developers need to make sure we are producing work that the client approves of.

d) The wisdom in a two-stage feature list.

At first, the design and control of the production needs to be overseen by one person. Everyone needs to follow the original plan as much as possible. That plan must be as simple as possible. When the original plan has been completed and reviewed, then new ideas should be entertained. The entire development team should be involved as much as possible and given control of certain aspects of production. This improves the overall feel of the product and the demeanour of the developers.

e) The entertainment value in testing and polish.

Feedback is of utmost importance at the end of a project. Without it, a product can be lacklustre and lost in the sea of content that plagues our modern age. While we as developers will be running through our own internal feedback cycle, fresh perspective is always welcome and is actively sought.

We are fast and inexpensive. As a new small company we offer you a clever alternative to keeping your own employees. If you can present us with a project concept, then we can build you a quote and a timeline.

Thanks for visiting Cedar Hill Games!