below the l1 vertebral body, the cauda equina (horse‚Äôs tail) of spinal roots descend to their respective openings to exit the spinal canal.   injuries to the cauda equina is not true spinal cord injury. viagra mg dosage   while the acute (24-48 hour) therapy of cauda equina injuries is similar to other types of injury, the later care may be different from treatment of the spinal cord. cheap viagra   for example, a person with lower spinal cord and cauda equina injuries often develops a flaccid bladder and does not develop spasticity in the legs; there is usually no need for drugs to stop bladder or leg spasticity. Some recovery is the rule rather than the exception after spinal cord injury.   exercise and training increases the rate and extent of recovery. viagra online   prevention of complications of spinal cord injury, i. order viagra online E. Bladder infection, decubiti, and bone and muscle atrophy, will contribute to overall health and recovery of the person.   recovery takes place very slowly. viagra mg dosage   in most people, it will take more than a year. viagra mail order   in people with severe injuries, the recovery may take several years before reaching a plateau.   many people with spinal cord injuries of the cervical and upper thoracic spinal cord cords develop spasticity of the bladder and legs.   both the bladder and the legs get hyperexcitable and drugs are often given to suppress such spasticity. viagra mg dosage   reducing bladder spasticity is important because it reduces increased bladder pressure that may push infected urine into the kidney to cause kidney infections. sale viagra online canada About half of people with spinal cord injury will develop neuropathic pain, often in areas of the body that have little or no sensation.   shortly after the injury, families rush to internet or other sources to look for some miraculous stem cell or other therapy to cure the injury.   let me state unequivocally that there is no such therapy at the present and that anybody who says that they have such a cure is misleading and should be avoided. viagra india generic   this does not mean that there will not be curative therapies or the therapies that people are hawking are necessarily ineffective. viagra lilly original   however, i must say that i have not seen any data supporting these claims at the present. generic viagra canada   several clinical trials are aimed at treating the subacute spinal cord injury period.   these include the cethrin trial and the geron trial.   cethrin is a drug that may stimulate regeneration of the spinal cord and a company is sponsoring phase 2 clinical trials to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and dose of the treatment given at 2 weeks after spinal cord injury.   geron recently received permission to transplant oligodendroglial progenitor cells derived from human embryonic stem cells, to be transplanted during the first two weeks after spinal cord injury.   once past that window, there are sever.