For yourself and your brace, gives you a schedule to follow, and helps you plan your day-to-day activities. If you are interested she will also help you meet others who wear braces. viagra prescription gp Following a brace program may sound like a lot of work and effort, but if your curve can be controlled with a brace and you can avoid surgery, it will be worth it! brand viagra canada no prescription   surgery some curves do not respond to bracing despite everyone's best efforts, and some curves are just too large to begin with (greater than 45-50 degrees). viagra without prescription If you have this type of curve, you may need surgery. order viagra online If your doctor recommends surgery, you'll want to think about it seriously and ask many questions.   the goal of the surgery is a usually a solid fusion (solidification) of the curved part of the spine. viagra effects girls A fusion is achieved by operating on the spine, adding bone chips and allowing the vertebral bones and bone chips to slowly heal together to form a solid mass of bone called a fusion. The bone chips (bone graft) may come from a bone bank or your hip (iliac crest). Usually, the spine is substantially straightened with metal rods and hooks, wires or screws(instrumentation). viagra without prescription The rods or sometimes a brace or cast hold the spine in place until your fusion has a chance to heal. viagra 5mg no prescription Once the fusion has healed (usually 3 to 12 months) the abnormal section of the spine cannot curve more. viagra headquarters located The rods, hooks or wires can usually be left in your back without causing any problems. buy generic viagra Surgery varies greatly depending upon the amount of spine fused and you may or may not experience a noticeable loss of spinal motion. Your doctor can tell you what activities you can do after a spinal fusion. Most sports are possible after a spinal fusion.   further information about surgery: posterior fusion posterior fusion with instrumentation is the most common operation done for idiopathic scoliosis. In the posterior fusion the spine is operated on from behind with an incision straight down the back. generic viagra canada Various types of rods, hooks, wires or screws are used to partially straighten the s. viagra online without prescription